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Background Company

Background Company

EQurban Ihsan Sdn. Bhd. (EQISB) or better known as eQurban is a company that advocate Aqiqah and Qurban program which held in Cambodia. This program engaged all people around the world to participate for implementation of slaughter and allocation that made by Cambodian Muslim Cooperative (CMC).

eQurban and Cambodian Muslim Cooperative (CMC) join venture through this program which eQurban will take over in farming. Meanwhile Cambodian Muslim Cooperative (CMC) will take over in livestock, custody, slaughter and allocation in this program.

eQurban side will act as an Executive Agents/ Single marketing for inviting Malaysian people and all around the world to participate in this program.

Why Cambodia?

Muslim people in Cambodia lives in misery and more needed compared to Muslim people in Malaysia. Therefore, eQurban invite Malaysia people to implement this worship in Cambodia.
Previously, average of Muslim people in Cambodia had a chance to eat meat only once in a year compared to Malaysian people for example.

Our Specialty

Compared to other company, Qurban and Aqiqah Program in Cambodia ,eQurban took part and responsible for the cows and have been been managed by CMC part.
However, other company that involved in this activity take away or bought the cows from another people or agents. Unfortunately, some agents or company forced to get cows supply from non-Muslim.